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Peace of mind in just 60 seconds

We all know getting prepared is something we should do, but it can be uncomfortable to think about – and usually, we just end up putting it off…So why don’t we make it as easy as possible?

Start simple

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Writing a message to a loved one can be a lot to think about – however, there’s a lot you can do today that’s easy – assign passwords to your computer, phone or social media accounts, upload your will, birth certificates or property title… maybe even noting down the correct vet for your pets!

The Task Manager helps to break it all down for you into small, bite-sized chunks that you can tick off whenever you get a chance.

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don't take it personally

Play Video personalises the experience for everybody you add.

Each friend or family member has their own folder, to which you can add anything you like – and only they will have access!

Write messages, record videos, deliver files and more, and all of it for their eyes only ❤️

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get rid of the hassle

No complex, boring forms.

No drawn out documentation.

Add everything with just a few clicks.

You can always update or add more later!

"It's comforting to know is there for me, and my family."


Ready to get organised?

Good for you! You’re taking the first step towards a feeling of complete peace of mind that can’t be beat!