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How it Works

BE PREPARED. THE WAY YOU WANT. is amazingly flexible. Just want to write some emails? Done. Want to ask your mate to delete your browser history? Go ahead. Want to leave behind your unpublished autobiography? Easy!

How It Works is simple to set up and easy to update

Add People

Add anybody you wish to leave items to. 

Choose which ones you want to be confidants (those who have the power to let us know when you something has happened) and those who will only receive items.


Create & Upload

Write emails to your loved ones, upload important documents for your business partners, store passwords to access your phone, and even leave care instructions for your pets! With a wide array of built in options, and the ability to upload anything – the choices are endless!



When you upload files or create records within, you then choose who receives them when you pass away.

Each person will only see what you assign them, so you can assign some items to multiple people, and others to just one person.

What happens if disaster strikes?

No Messages

Your Confidant Lets Us Know

The first step is for one of your confidants to let us know that you’ve passed away. We then independently perform numerous checks to determine if you’re alive, and then ask all your other confidants to confirm your passing also.



If you are confirmed to have passed away, we automatically distribute your items & send any emails you may have written. Of course, if you are confirmed to be still alive – nothing happens (and you can have an exciting talk with your confidant about why they claimed you were dead!).

How Do People Use

Infinitely Flexible. Infinitely Prepared.

James Madding, 29


I run my own online business. As a sole trader, the buck stops with me.

If I was to pass away, my clients would be confused as emails stop, services cease operation and (presumably as people get more annoyed) angry emails get ignored.

I needed a way to let my family and friends know how to take down my website and access my emails to inform clients. allows me to tell my confidants who to contact to take down my website, and provide logins for my business email account. It also allows me to provide a few acquaintances I trust with my client list.

I genuinely feel calmer now, knowing that all these eventualities are taken care of.

Ingrid O'Donnelly, 33


I have two young children, a loving husband, and a border collie.

I also, unfortunately, have a history of heart disease in my family. Both my mother and grandmother experienced sudden heart attacks in their 50’s and passed away. So I guess you could say my own mortality has always been on my mind.

Having a account really puts my mind at ease. I have created detailed documents for each of my children. I update them regularly with important information – medications and allergies – as well as small things, like their favourite ice cream flavour or toy.

Knowing my sister and husband are armed with all the necessary information to look after them if the worst should strike, helps me face each day a little less stressed.

Stephen Heade, 46

ALS Patient

I was diagnosed with ALS a few years ago. Whilst it was very tough to come to terms with the, the hardest was knowing I would be missing out on my kids birthdays, weddings, grandkids and more.

My use of is very simple. I’ve started recording video messages. I had originally intended to do them just for milestone events (16th, 21st, wedding etc.), but have found myself doing them more and more frequently. Life lessons, advice, stories… anything really.

When I pass away, will share them to all my kids.

It’s nice to know I will still be there for them. 

Jackson Fletcher, 24


I’ve been recording an album on the side for a few years now. I don’t know when it will be finished, but the other day I was almost hit by a car and all I could think of was how if I had died, no one would ever hear my songs.

So I’ve uploaded them to Hopefully I won’t need it, but if I do – at least I know my friends will hear my songs

These are examples only, and do not represent real people.



If you’re overwhelmed, we understand. 

We’ve created a simple task manager to help guide you on your journey to preparedness.

The task manager breaks down common needs into simple ‘to do’ tasks you can tackle whenever you have a free moment.


We like to keep things simple


$0/per week

Our standard plan is totally free,
providing you with everything
you need to get started



$1/per week

Our plus plan starts at $1 a week,
(for 2GB of storage)
and $1.30 for 10GB


Hmm ok, what else can you show me?

It’s totally worth it, I promise 🙂