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About Us

Engineering order within a chaotic world.

Life is unpredictable.

We provide users peace of mind by empowering you to plan and automate for any eventuality – ensuring that all you leave behind, continues to thrive.

No awkward conversations. No high pressure debates.

Set it all up however you wish – and we’ll do the rest.

We enable you to automatically deliver items after you pass away

Messages of love to your children, so they forever know just how much they meant to you.

Important files & passwords for your business, to keep the accounts running smoothly.

Care instructions for your pets, so they can live the life they deserve.

Photos and memories for old friends, to look back upon adventures shared.

Passwords to your devices, copies of your Will, life insurance and superannuation to make your families life easier

Just a little bit of planning now, means...

Your loved ones will reflect upon you fondly forever.

Weekly Security Inspections, Because We're Flat Out Obsessed

Every week we spend hours upon hours testing, examining and inspecting our entire security and privacy infrastructure to ensure what you entrust with us is safe.

However, we took it a step further.

An additional encryption layer means that not even we can view or access your data. While this does have some drawbacks on our end (for example, if you loose something, it makes it very difficult for us to help you find it) – the benefits for you are immense.

So we committed 🙂


We only trust who you tell us to.

Leveraging the power of social engineering, we only trust who you tell us to.

This creates a unique security advantage, meaning your data will only ever be seen by those you wish – and only after you are confirmed deceased.

We're here for you. Always.

If you ever have any questions or need a hand, just shoot us an email.

We’re more than happy to walk you through features, help you get organised, or simply discuss any questions you may have 😄

Just shoot us an email at hello@prepared.ly