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Automatically deliver files, documents, videos, last wishes, messages, passwords, bills, emails (and more!) to people in the event you pass away.

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Disaster always seems a long way off. Sure, we all know it could happenbut probably not today. Right? Right. Well, except that it could. We might wake up and get hit by a bus. Or accidentally eat an apple seed (yes really – Google it). Sure it sucks, but by being prepared, you can ensure that your kids and pets are properly cared for, your business partners have access to your work and you family knows how much you love them .

What users are saying

"Love this! So great! I'm making a time capsule for each of my friends! Uploading memories for them to look back on someday."
Claire Halford
Interior Architect
"Really solves my unique need. I have many manuscripts unfinished. If something were to happen to me, I'd be happy to know others will still get a chance to read them"
Charles Terrier
"I've recorded video messages for each kids milestone birthdays. So grateful to know that if something happens to me, I will still get the chance to be there for them."
Kevin O'Brien
"It's really good to have a way to leave all my passwords for social media, email and my business files to my family if something happens to me, without needing to give those details to them now. Very convenient!"
Dylan Meyer
Business Owner

Easier Than A
Sunday Morning

Templates, Tips & Checklists!

Easier Than A
Sunday Morning

Templates, Tips & Checklists!

We understand how daunting getting prepared can be…so we made it easy! Writing an email and lost for words? Don’t sweat it – we have tonnes of useful ‘templates’ and ‘tips’ to help you – and not just for emails!.

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Simple - Like Espresso

Just tick it off!


Simple - Like Espresso

Just tick it off!

Our interactive checklist means you’ll never forget something, or wonder what else to do! Everything is you need is right there when you’re ready.

Update items while you’re on the train, or tick off new ones whenever you get the inspiration. Knock it all out in one day, or do a little bit whenever you get a spare moment .

How Do People Use

Infinitely Flexible. Infinitely Prepared.

James Madding, 29


I run my own online business. As a sole trader, the buck stops with me.

If I was to pass away, my clients would be confused as emails stop, services cease operation and (presumably as people get more annoyed) angry emails get ignored.

I needed a way to let my family and friends know how to take down my website and access my emails to inform clients. allows me to tell my confidants who to contact to take down my website, and provide logins for my business email account. It also allows me to provide a few acquaintances I trust with my client list.

I genuinely feel calmer now, knowing that all these eventualities are taken care of.

Ingrid O'Donnelly, 33


I have two young children, a loving husband, and a border collie.

I also, unfortunately, have a history of heart disease in my family. Both my mother and grandmother experienced sudden heart attacks in their 50’s and passed away. So I guess you could say my own mortality has always been on my mind.

Having a account really puts my mind at ease. I have created detailed documents for each of my children. I update them regularly with important information – medications and allergies – as well as small things, like their favourite ice cream flavour or toy.

Knowing my sister and husband are armed with all the necessary information to look after them if the worst should strike, helps me face each day a little less stressed.

Stephen Heade, 46

ALS Patient

I was diagnosed with ALS a few years ago. Whilst it was very tough to come to terms with the, the hardest was knowing I would be missing out on my kids birthdays, weddings, grandkids and more.

My use of is very simple. I’ve started recording video messages. I had originally intended to do them just for milestone events (16th, 21st, wedding etc.), but have found myself doing them more and more frequently. Life lessons, advice, stories… anything really.

When I pass away, will share them to all my kids.

It’s nice to know I will still be there for them. 

Jackson Fletcher, 24


I’ve been recording an album on the side for a few years now. I don’t know when it will be finished, but the other day I was almost hit by a car and all I could think of was how if I had died, no one would ever hear my songs.

So I’ve uploaded them to Hopefully I won’t need it, but if I do – at least I know my friends will hear my songs

These are examples only, and do not represent real people.



Hell-to-the-yes! It’s so encrypted even it’s own mother wouldn’t recognise it! 

In all seriousness though, all your data is securely stored and protected – both in motion and at rest, using multiple layers of high level AES-256-GCM encryption, secure transport layers and dizzyingly intricate authentication protocols.

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