Preparing Your Client’s Digital Legacies can be Challenging. We’ve Made it Comforting.

Evolve your estate services with military grade digital asset guardianship that securely collects, protects and distributes digital assets at a click.


The Secure Digital Asset Solution
Used By Estate Professionals Worldwide

Let’s Support Your Clients to Be Prepared

There’s no doubt technology has made our lives infinitely more convenient … but what about our deaths? These days, half our lives are exclusively digitally. We laugh, learn, earn, and share online, creating precious digital footprints that are just as meaningful as our offline lives.


But when we pass, executors and beneficiaries can no longer simply divert snail mail and rifle through a comprehensive filing cabinet in the office. 


A once a straight-forward legal process now has the potential to provoke serious headaches for executors and beneficiaries alike. And with tech companies reluctant (and often flat-out unwilling) to provide access to accounts, estates can take years to wrap up.


As for our online assets? They become digital lost cities, sunken and inaccessible to our loved ones. But they don’t have to be.


The Future Is Digital, and You Need To Be Prepared

The stories are becoming more and more common – millions in Bitcoin and important documents trapped inside computers, business email accounts unaccessible, Instagram accounts with 30m followers locked, million dollar domain names expiring, Kindle accounts with libraries of books unobtainable, access to Github repositories blocked, photos and videos locked inside iPhones and laptops… more than 50% of our lives are now exclusively digital, and we need to be prepared.


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Your Estate Practice
+ Our Secure Software
= Your Client's Total Peace of Mind

The BePrepared app is a secure, white-label storage platform you can trust to collect, protect, defend and distribute your clients’ digital data. At every step and stage of the BePrepared journey, our software has been expertly designed to ensure security from data leaks and exposure.

Secure Your Assets. Everywhere

What are Digital Assets?

Your clients’ digital estate can include:

Military Grade Security for Your Clients Digital Assets

Allergic to Tech? No Worries.

With an interface designed to be refreshingly easy, intuitive, and tech goof-proof, BePrepared empowers you to expand your estate practice with a modern approach to managing your client’s precious digital assets.

Your Expertise. Our Experience.

Equipped with military grade encryption that’s more secure than a bank, our software has been carefully constructed to look like a seamless extension of your practice’s branding, so you’ll get full credit for protecting your clients’ digital assets and privacy.

Your App

Your Own Mac & Windows Vault


Windows or Mac? No Problem.

The BePrepared app is downloaded directly on to your clients computer – with your logo and branding.

Here they can work with you to securely organise their digital estate, uploading or update files with ease. There is also the option to log in via your website if your client is travelling.



No More Clogged-Up Email.

It has never been simpler for clients to securely pass you documents. Gone are the days of missing attachments. Now that you’re always one click away, clients can simply open your app, and drag in a file.

Transfer Files at Any Time.


Bring Your Estate Practice into the 21st Century

Elevate your practice’s competitive edge with a comprehensive estate plan that bridges physical and digital assets to offer a complete approach to modern estate planning … with significantly less stress and mess for executors and beneficiaries.

Generate Recurring Reveing On Auto-pilot

By licensing our military grade white-label platform and charging your clients for your digital estate planning services, you’ll unlock opportunities for additional revenue in a growing field where it’s easy to attract clients as a modern estate professional.

Offer Pain-free Digital Estate Planning

BePrepared is your clients’ digital estate bodyguard, protecting them as they pass on their precious digital assets for you to securely store and share with their selected loved ones when they pass away.

Maximise Your Practice’s Efficiency

By collecting important digital data like email accounts and itemized lists of bills and subscriptions (that can take months to track down – if you’re able to access them at all), BePrepared makes it easy to wrap up estates 10x faster than normal.

Become Your Client’s Trusted Go-To Legal Solution

As an estate professional, your clients rely on you for your expertise to get their physical affairs in order. Now you can support them to get their digital ducks in a row to offer a complete estate planning solution that increases stickiness.

Future-Proof Your Practice’s Success

With NFT’s, cryptocurrencies and ever-emerging technologies making digital estates increasingly more complex, this is your chance to step in and up with competitive services that protect your client’s digital lives – so they don’t go to another practice who will.

Thanks again for developing the app. Every time I have to sign into my phone I give thanks to BePrepared.

John Smith - Michael Benjamin & Associates