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Send Files and Messages Automatically When You Pass Away

When someone dies, it’s never easy – but you can make it easier on the people you love. When you pass away, automatically sends your passwords, emails, and the other digital assets you selected, to your chosen contacts.

Simple. Safe. Secure.

How It Works

Add People

Add anybody you wish to leave items to

Create & Upload

Upload files or create new ones with the built-in editors.

Assign To People

Assign these items to the people you wish to receive them. 

What Happens When I Die?

One of Your Confidants Informs Us

Confidants are special people you select in your account that you trust implicitly (e.g your lawyer, spouse, kids or siblings). Only these people can let us know you’ve passed away.

We try To make contact with you

We then try to get in touch with you via phone and email.

we check with your other confidants

If we are unable to make contact with you, we will then contact your other confidants to verify your passing. They must agree unanimously.

Your items are released

If all of your confidants agree that you have passed away, we will then distribute the data you assigned specifically to each person, to that person’s inbox.

It takes Just 60 seconds to ensure your passwords go to a loved one if you pass away unexpectedly.

What can i Upload?

Sign Up

What can i Upload?

With, you can pass on as little or as much information as you like. Securely upload vital information, like a password or phone number, in seconds—or go one step further and upload pictures, legal documents and text files.

Whatever information you want to pass on, our simple dashboard puts you in complete control.

How Do People Use

Infinitely Flexible. Infinitely Prepared.

James Madding, 29

BUSINESS OWNER allows me to tell my family who to contact in order to take over my business website, and provide logins for my email account.

I feel much calmer now knowing my business will continue to support my wife when I’m gone.

Ingrid O'Donnelly, 33


I use my account to store important information about my children – like their medications and allergies, and their favourite ice cream flavour and toys – And my clients bookkeeping.

It’s reassuring to know that if something happens to me and my husband, the right people will find out how to keep my kids healthy and happy, and my clients will be well looked after.

Stephen Heade, 46

ALS Patient

I’ve started recording video messages for my kids. I had originally intended to do them just for milestone events (16th, 21st, wedding etc.), but now have found myself doing them more and more frequently.

When I pass away, will share them with my kids – It’s nice to know I can still be there for them. 

Jackson Fletcher, 24


I’ve been recording an album on the side for a few years now. I don’t know when it will be finished, but the other day I was almost hit by a car and all I could think of was how if I had died, no one would ever hear my songs.

So I’ve uploaded them to Hopefully I won’t need it, but if I do – at least I know my friends will hear my songs

Is my data safe?


Is my data safe?

Yes. uses the same encryption protocols used by banks and high level security agencies. However, we don’t stop there!

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